Mike and Molly

We might as well start this blog out with a bang! So here we go! Let’s talk television. I do not watch a lot of TV. At least programming that isn’t animated or has a talking animal in it! I treat TV shows like I treat friends. I’m not interested in having a lot of them, but I will be loyal to the ones I do choose! Through the years I have had a “loyal friendship” with a handful of shows. How loyal you ask? 2 of my 3 children carry names from TV shows. Benson was named after Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU. Micah’s middle name is Andrew, after the Andrew on Touched by an Angel. But CBS’s hit sitcom Mike and Molly has a special place in my little heart. When I was diagnosed with a rapidly forming breast tumor at age 31 in 2012, my life turned upside down. I had a lumpectomy that was unsuccessful, so 2 months later I had a mastectomy. I was sicker than I ever been, and sent countless hours in bed. There were so many nights I spent too sick to sleep. Or worse, worrying about my future and the future of my family. I had watched Mike and Molly from the very beginning, but found refuge in its humor during the most difficult times. One time, when I was being prepped for another surgery, I watched it in the hospital on my IPAD. I had the nurses watching along with me! It was a party!

Then in October of 2013, finally healthy and happy, I decided to take a “Tumor free vacation” and couldn’t think of anything better than seeing a live taping of Mike and Molly! I shared my story and the cast welcomed me with open arms. I got hugs, encouraging words, took pictures. It was incredible! Its up there in my core memories (Thank you Inside Out!) with my wedding, my kids births, etc!

These people have become like my family. I spin with Reno Wilson’s wife every time I’m in LA. (She’s amazing! They don’t teach classes like that in Utah) Katy Mixon always asks about my children when I come to tapings. They lift my spirits every time I see them! I believe we should stand behind our family member during more difficult times. CBS is threatening to cancel Mike and Molly. A decision regarding the fate of the show will be made very soon. Read the details here: http://deadline.com/2015/12/mike-molly-cancelation-six-seasons-melissa-mccarthy-cbs-1201667941/

When news of the cancellation came out I got out there as soon as I could to see one last taping. It was great! Reno even got me a VIP front row seat when I got lost and arrived a little late to the taping! Its amazing how different people treat you when those three little letters are by your name! When it was over I desperately wanted a chance to say goodbye to these people. Especially the beautiful Katy Mixon, who is no secret my very first girl crush! But the mean security girl kicked me out before I got a chance. FYI: I know she was just doing her job, but her and I have bad blood now! I cried all the way back to my friends house.  The next day on the plane I read the above article. Then, with Katy Perry’s Roar blaring through my headphones, a little spark in me began to grown. I can only describe it as the part in “Christmas Story” when Raphie finally lost it on Scott Farcus! The cast is devastated, the fans are angry, CBS is being unfair. And we have until February 1st to change their minds! So if this show has ever made you laugh, even once, I urge you to do the following:

  1. Get insulted! Anyone can get angry. But the insulted people are the ones that are changing the world right now! Why do you think we can’t wish people are “Merry Christmas” anymore?!
  2. Sign the online petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/730/378/397/keep-mike-and-molly-on-the-air/
  3. Share this! Share the crap out of it! Share it like preschoolers share germs! (Which reminds me, I need to go check Kaleb’s temp again!)

Will this work? CBS is pretty big, this is not a small fight. And I am prepared with sweat pants and 5 pints on Ben and Jerrys if it doesn’t. But I am a fighter. I fought for my health. I fought my boyfriend when he didn’t think we should get married (we’ve been married 14 years)! I fought through infertility and 4 miscarriages to have my 3 little boys. So bring it on CBS! Let’s make this happen!