Who let the dogs out??

Todd and I started dating shortly after I turned 19 years old. He had recently come home from serving a 2 year LDS mission in Taiwan. He had spent 2 years out of the country and out of the loop. I had spent the years he was gone still in high school and very aware of the “in” things. Shortly after we got together he became a fan of the song “Who let the dogs out”. I found the song, released in 2000 and performed by the Baha Men, incredibly obnoxious! If you haven’t heard it, which would make you luckier than I am, they literally bark in it. But wanting to give this new exciting relationship a chance, I tried desperately to ignore his constant singing and barking. There was lots and lots of barking. I remember one time in particular when we gathered with friends in Todd’s basement to play a board game. Todd, winning the game, started singing and barking in celebration. A friend of mine gave me a look that said it all. It was a look saying “Ha! Good luck with that one!” I was fairly certain at that point this guy was not the one for me.

Obviously I married him! The first rule in our new little apartment was there was to be NO singing that song and absolutely NO barking! EVER! The rule was as important to me as always putting the toilet seat down and not hanging bras over the shower curtain! And bless my new husband’s heart, he wanted to please his new wife enough that the song was never sung again.

Fast forward 14 1/2 years. Todd is out of college and working in his career, we have purchased a home and minivan, and are raising our 3 boys. Then one day, completely out of the blue, I hear that song once again. Coming out of the mouth of my 6 year old! “Where did you hear that?!” I demanded. His answer: SCHOOL! That’s right folks, the people I trust to educate my innocent little 1st grader had indeed taught him that banned song! My husband I might add thought this was incredibly hilarious! I tried with the patience I could muster out to tell my son that that song almost made his entire existence not happen! But like his daddy did all those years earlier, he just couldn’t help sing it!

At least once a day I hear that song now. And even worse he has taught it to our unsuspecting 4 year old. They love to sing it while jumping on the couch. They love to sing it in the bathtub. They especially love to sing it when we’re all trapped in the car together. The lesson here is you cannot escape fate! Where I understand it was impossible to know, I still shame myself for not realizing this then. I have birthed 3 little carbon copies of this man I married and because of that will forever hear “Who let the dogs out”.

Mike and Molly:the update

A HUGE thank you to all who have signed my petition! We had a slow start but doubled our numbers in the last 2 days! Amazing!! People from all over the world have signed it and I am truly inspired. When people ban together we can accomplish anything! I’ve been really touched by the comments made about people’s love for the show. Its been a wonderful lesson for me. Keep going!! Share this!! And if you haven’t signed yet see below for links! Thank you everybody!

And the last update: Today, January 12, CBS has confirmed Mike and Molly has been cancelled. The verdict came earlier than was expected. But that’s probably good for me. I have spent HOURS campaigning my petition and preparing hand written lists of names to send to CBS. But if it was doomed from the start, at least I can’t get back to my favorite late night activities. Watching netflix, searching the corners of the pantry in hopes of finding left over treats, and doing my adult dot to dots! The sweat pants have come out, and luckily Smith’s just got my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor, Strawberry cheesecake, in stock! I’m disappointed I won’t get to see this hilarious show on the air anymore. I’m heartbroken I never got to say goodbye to Katy Mixon. But I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have her in my life for a short amount of time. I hope she understands what that meant to me.