You got a friend in me!

I was recently asked to write an essay about something I believe in for my English class. I thought and thought about what I truly believe in, and I decided to write in on friendship. I have been blessed with the greatest friends any one could ever ask for. Everywhere I’ve ever lived has introduced me to more wonderful people who have enriched my life. This is especially true for the lovely ladies who make my life brighter right now. Everyone knows I struggle with anxiety and depression. The months of April and May are especially difficult. And where I’ve had my ups and down this year, I’ve felt so supported. So I decided to post my essay. If you and I are friends, this is for you!


This I Believe: Friendship

 I believe in friendship. True friendship with people who genuinely care about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. People who will drop everything they are doing to listen to you vent about the bully in PTA. People who don’t judge you when you order the second slice of cheesecake or when you laugh at the most inappropriate time. People who will talk to you until the early morning hours, even though you both have to get up with kids, because they know how much you just need to talk. People who support you no matter what is going on in your life, no matter the trial. People who can talk you out of making a bad decision because they know what kind of person you strive to be, even when you’re weak. People who love you for you.

I didn’t always believe in friendship. There were times in my life I didn’t have friends like that. I’ve always had friends, just not true friends. I’ve had friends where I felt I needed to change in order for them to continue to like me. I’ve had friends that stop being my friend when another better person comes along. The friends who liked me only when it was convenient to them. But worst of all I’ve had friends who put me down in order to feel better about themselves. Those friends who break you down a little bit every time they see you, and finally after a while you just don’t feel at all anymore.

But then slowly those true friends started entering my life. And they taught me that I was worth real friendship. They listen when I chatter on about my new celebrity crush or the next concert I plan to go to. They make me feel important enough to listen to. :I realized I didn’t need to change who I was, just who I was surrounding myself with. When I came to that realization my whole life changed. I still have trials, I still feel pain. I still question myself and have moments of weakness. But because of them I know I have people to pick me up when I fall. I know I’m not alone. I know they will keep loving me no matter what. It’s because of these people I can believe in friendship.