2020 Year in Review

Highs and Lows: In December 2019 we moved from our home in Logan to our new home in Davis County. In February we finally closed on and officially sold our home after being under contract for 3 months! In March we lost our beloved Grandma at the age of 102. A week later, coming home from her funeral, we found out we were going under lockdown because of Covid. In June we bought season passes to Lagoon. We have always wanted to do that! It ended up being both a blessing and a curse (as you can read in a past blog post from this year) but the kids loved taking advantage of an amusement park being only 20 minutes away. In August we took an amazing vacation with our cousins up the coast of Washington to the Canadian Border. We camped in Forks (yay twilight!), hiked in Olympia national forest, and played at the ocean. It was magical! In December Amy got a virtual ticket to The Ellen Degeneres Show and it just happened to be during the 12 days of giveaways. We used the gifts to get gifts for Christmas and we all agree Santa is alive and well in Ellen!

Micah: Micah is 5 (6 in January) and in kindergarten. He loves it! He’s our little soccer star and can’t wait to play again next spring. He also likes Pokémon, animals, cars, dinosaurs, and everything else boy!

Kaleb: Kaleb is 9 (10 in January) and in the 4th grade. He’s our little social butterfly who had the easiest time transition our move last year. He’s very active in soccer and basketball but also loves art, Pokémon, cars, legos, and video games.

Benson: Benson is 11 (12 in March) and in the 6th grade. He’s excited to be starting Young Men’s in January and go to middle school in the fall. He’s very active in soccer and basketball and loves to hang out with his friends. He also loves all things Harry Potter, legos, Pokémon, video games, and YouTube.

Team captain!

Todd and Amy: we’ve spent the year navigating through the uncharted territories of working from home and distant learning! This year has brought a lot of firsts into our relationship. It hasn’t been an easy transition or year for us but we’ve stuck together and became closer because of it. We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary in July! We’ve both accepted new and different church responsibilities and coached Micah’s soccer team. We look forward to hopefully finding some normalcy again in the next year!

The fur babies: because who can forget them! Our poodle Piper turned 9 years old this year. She’s slowing down but is still doing great despite living in a house with 3 little boys! Aslan and Angela are happy in our new home and have transitioned to ruling their new territory. Unfortunately we lost 2 this year. Rocky passed away in the spring after he suffered a serious asthma attack. And Henry disappeared in the fall. We can only hope he is thriving in a new home. Sometimes owning pets is really hard.

We hope you all are healthy and happy and wish you all the best in the new year! Bring on 2021!

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