Virtual Reality: Ellen Degeneres style!

We all know by now I am a HUGE Ellen Degeneres fan. I’ve watched her show the entire time it’s been on TV and have submitted for tickets every single season since it started. That’s every single year for 18 seasons. In that time I’ve been to live tapings 4 times and have had a blast everytime! When Covid happened, obviously travel and going to live tapings abruptly stopped. Trying to get tickets to Ellen, or anything for that matter, became a distant thought as I started juggling keeping healthy (physically and mentally), distance education for the kids, working from home for the husband, etc, etc, etc. And from my last post, I wasn’t doing so well with that!

But then I found out that The Ellen Degeneres Show would be giving out virtual tickets this season. Ticket holders could participate from home and be displayed on a monitor instead of in person. I thought this was a great idea! So I submitted for tickets…..and then completely forgot about it! That is until 3 weeks ago. I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot late one evening waiting for my grocery order when in my boredom I decided to check my email. And there was an offer to virtually attend a show taping on December 10th! The email also stated that Ellen would not be hosting and it wasn’t part of the 12 days of givaways. But I figured it would be fun anyway and responded. I was SO excited, then a week before I recieved an email saying the taping had been cancelled. I was bummed for about 5 seconds until I read below that I was instead being offered a virtual ticket for Monday Decemer 7th instead. And this one was being hosted by Ellen!! I happily agreed and was sent confidentiality papers to sign. I had to agree not to disclose any info or surprises until after it aired. Which I thought was funny since I assumed it was also not a 12 days taping. But I willingly signed and got excited again!

Then the day finally came! I got everything all set up, did camera and mic checks, and arranged for the kids to be picked up from school. I made sure the lighting was good and that I was sitting at a good angle. I figured I was set! At the time I was given I logged on…..and got kicked out. This happened 3 more times before I started to panic. I remembered something similar happening when I tried to talk to a doctor online once and my heart sank realizing this was happening again. I couldn’t miss this! So I did the only thing I could think to do. With minutes to spare I ran down to my husband’s office, begged and pleaded for him to switch me computers, and ran off with his before he could respond. His computer got me in right away and I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the familiar voice of Tommy, the warm up guy, talking to the audience.

Tommy immediatly congradulated us for getting a ticket to a 12 days of givaways. What?!? I couldn’t believe it!! He said that the tickets were so hard to get and that the audience was full of contest winners. But little old me have been given a coveted 12 days ticket, and I didn’t know how! The taping was so fun! I danced and clapped as if I was there. Ellen was hilarious as usual! She only had 2 guests, both virtually. Chance the rapper and a cute family from Texas whose son is fighting cancer. After the cameras stopped filming she left us with a message of hope for the holidays. But right smack in the middle of the show Ellen announced it was 12 days time! She gave us a $500 skin care kit, a $300 amazon gift card, another $350 amazon gift card, and a trip for 2 to a vineyard resort in Napa, California! I was shocked and thrilled! I immediatly shed a few tears as I realized the growing amazon cart I had for the kids’ Christmas would be covered by this amazing once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

I don’t know how or why I was so blessed to have this happen. I know it had to be divine intervention. I’ve talked a lot about staying for the surpirses. 3 months ago I sat on my bathroom floor contemplating ending my life. 2 months ago I opened up about my ordeal but was still so unstable. While the response was so supportive and kind, I was bullied maliciously by some of the people involved. They tried to bash me back down, but I still stuck around. And the surprises keep coming. Some are small, quiet like a whisper. And some have been insane, loud and life changing. I’ve done things that I would have never dreamed would happen as I sat on that bathroom floor. And there is so much yet to come! I am SO grateful I stayed for the surprises!

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