Mike and Molly:the update

A HUGE thank you to all who have signed my petition! We had a slow start but doubled our numbers in the last 2 days! Amazing!! People from all over the world have signed it and I am truly inspired. When people ban together we can accomplish anything! I’ve been really touched by the comments made about people’s love for the show. Its been a wonderful lesson for me. Keep going!! Share this!! And if you haven’t signed yet see below for links! Thank you everybody!

And the last update: Today, January 12, CBS has confirmed Mike and Molly has been cancelled. The verdict came earlier than was expected. But that’s probably good for me. I have spent HOURS campaigning my petition and preparing hand written lists of names to send to CBS. But if it was doomed from the start, at least I can’t get back to my favorite late night activities. Watching netflix, searching the corners of the pantry in hopes of finding left over treats, and doing my adult dot to dots! The sweat pants have come out, and luckily Smith’s just got my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor, Strawberry cheesecake, in stock! I’m disappointed I won’t get to see this hilarious show on the air anymore. I’m heartbroken I never got to say goodbye to Katy Mixon. But I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have her in my life for a short amount of time. I hope she understands what that meant to me.


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