Oh my Kaleb!

I’ve received a few requests to retell a few stories I shared on Facebook about things Kaleb (age5) has said in public. Kaleb has always been our outspoken quirky little boy. He has a mind of his own and absolutely no filter between his brain and his mouth! In ways he reminds me of Todd. In other ways he reminds me of my brother. Either way he’s never had a problem providing adventures for his poor exhausted Mommy!

Story 1: While I was pregnant with Micah I put my gym membership on a maternity hold. After I delivered him and had an unexpected gall bladder removal, I finally decided to take my hold off and return to the gym. But I had to take all the kids with me in order to do it. So one sunny day we set out to they gym. As soon as we got there Kaleb announced he needed to go to the bathroom. So I dragged them all into the Women’s locker room. I knew the ladies were allowed to walk around there in anything….or nothing, so I told the boys to put the heads down and don’t look at anything. As we were washing Kaleb’s hands a woman on the larger side walked past us completely naked. I tried to cover his eyes but it was just too late. He saw her and started yelling loudly “Mom, look at the naked lady! She’s all naked! I can see her butt!” I can honestly say I have never seen a woman, clothed or naked, run so fast! I grabbed him as fast as I could and ran out of the locker room and out of the gym! When I complained to my husband about it later he couldn’t stop laughing. I still haven’t received any sympathy for that one!

Story 2: Just a week or so after the locker room incident I made the mistake of taking my dear Kaleb in public once again. We ran to the dollar store to pick something up and I didn’t think a quick trip would make much of a difference. We were in there for 5 minutes tops when he grabbed a toy sword, stabbed me in the butt with it, and screamed “Mama, I just stabbed you in the penis!” I immediately heard laughter coming from the next isle. Needless to say, whatever we needed that day was not bought. We ran from the store too quick! And again, that evening when my husband came home, my complaints were not met with any sort of sympathy!

There are many stories where those came from. And I’m sure many more coming in our future. Bless that child, sometimes I think he’s my karma baby. The child your parents hope you will have someday to show you what you put them through! He’s keeps me on my toes, but I’m thankful everyday for him. Especially when he’s asleep!





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