Nerd Hell and the newbie

Last weekend I did something I swore I would never do. I attended Salt Lake City’s Comic Con. From what I knew of these conventions I thought they were full of the biggest nerds in the world! I never figured I was the type of person who could fit in at Comic Con. Where I house certain nerd-like qualities, I still thought this was too much for me!

But despite all my concerns, it just took 2 words to change my mind. Those words: Dean Cain! I was IN LOVE with Dean Cain when I was around 12 and he was playing Superman on Lois and Clark. Those years were not an easy time in my life. I don’t know anyone who can say the preteen and early teen years were their favorite years! I was very awkward! But he made my little heart flutter! I felt that I owed it to my 12 year old self to have the opportunity to meet him.

Since I was going anyway, I found a few other celebrities I wouldn’t mind meeting, although I still had a pretty one track mind about why I was going down. But I found out that Alex Kingston was going to be there and thought it would be cool to meet her. She is on Doctor Who, which I have never seen. But she was also on ER, which I did watch faithfully! I also last minute found out Joey Fatone from Nsync was going to be there. And what girl who group in the 90s wouldn’t jump at the chance to meet Joey!

I booked tickets for Saturday because Todd had a conference out of town until Friday night. But what I failed to remember is that it was Easter weekend. Not only did we have company coming in but my kids had several egg hunts going on. So the morning started early with a hunt and a family breakfast. Then I set off for Salt Lake City. When I arrived at Comic Con I was terrified! There were so many people! Most of them were in costumes of characters I had never heard of! I knew I stuck out like a sore thumb. I felt like I was walking around with a neon sign that said “newbie” above my head! But my first fan meeting with Alex Kingston was starting soon so I braved the crowds to what I found out was even more terrifying crowds waiting to meet her as well! At one point I texted my sister saying I was stuck in “Nerd Hell”! A woman in line behind me asked me what Doctor Who episode was my favorite. Because of course that was the reason I was waiting to meet her! I stated that I had never seen an episode of Doctor Who, so that would be hard to determine. Literally the crowd around me fell silent and all slowly turned around to look at me. Seriously it was like a scene out of a horror movie!  I instantly regretted my statement! I was hit with hundreds of death stares! Then they silently all turned away from me one by one. That’s right, I was shunned by the Whovians! Which normally wouldn’t concern me. But I was in very unknown territory, so I would have appreciated! But an hour into the shunning I did finally get to meet Alex Kingston.  For a whole 10 seconds. Yeah, 10 seconds! She was very sweet though. And didn’t mind that I hadn’t seen Doctor Who!


After meeting Alex Kingston I wandered through the booths like a scared little puppy! But then I found the ABC4 booth and got to meet Don Hudson. He’s one of my favorite reporters so that was cool! I asked to take a picture with him, and he jumped over a table to take it. He even spent a few minutes talking about reporters from the past and the election. Then I saw Joey! He was at his table jumping around with a backwards cap on. Its exactly how I always pictured him! When it was my turn to meet him I felt like I was in high school again! I got all nervous and giggly! He was so funny and very nice.  He had a dance party at his table with a DJ and everything.  There were a bunch of skinny 20 year olds dancing with him. I was totally annoyed not only because they could still get away with wearing low jeans and teeny t-shirts but because I knew all those girls were way too young to appreciate the magnitude of who Nsync was! They were in diapers when I was blasting their CDs in my little Dodge Neon! But I didn’t stay annoyed for long. Because out of the corner of my eye I saw HIM!


There he was! Dean Cain! He was at the table next to Joey’s signing autographs. And he was just as beautiful as he was when I was 12! After looking at the pics I had taken earlier I decided my shirt made me look so fat. And I didn’t want him to see me looking fat! After all, he was Superman! So I went and bought a “Metropolis University” shirt. I figured only the true Superman fans would understand it! My little heart was beating so fast when I was in line! Then it was my turn. He held out his hand and introduced himself to me. Like I didn’t already know! And he asked what my name was. I told him that when I was 12 I used to cut his pictures out of the TV Guide and hang it on my wall. I had a whole collage! I told him he was my Superman. And then he stood up and gave me a big hug! We were told not to touch the stars but he didn’t care. Then on my picture he wrote “I’ll be your Superman any time” on it. By that point he had me melted into a big puddle of Amy! My knees started to go weak, I’m surprised I didn’t start to drool!  I mean this guy had charm oozing out of every inch of his perfectly chiseled body! Then we took pictures together. Not only did he take pictures but he took multiple pics with me. Then when we were saying goodbye he kissed me on the cheek and said how much of a pleasure it was to meet me. He had me completely warped! I texted my sister again about how wonderful he was. And luckily she helped me come back down to reality by reminding me that he had also played Scott Petersen in Lifetime’s “Lacy Petersen story”. You know, the one where he killed his wife and unborn child. Aw, who am I kidding?! I still floated all the way home!  He made that whole trip! I was so impressed by him. I wish all stars could be like him. My 12 year old self couldn’t have been happier! Thanks to him, Nerd Hell turned into Nerd Heaven! Ha, Nerd Heaven?! Wow, maybe I am nerdy enough! Anyway, my view of Comic Con has turned 180. Everyone has their Superman. And thanks to events like this people get the tremendous opportunity to meet them.




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