We are NOT alone

Every married couple experiences this situation in one way or another over the period of their marriage. But I have to admit, I was so not ready for this to happen to us!

One night after finally get the kiddies to bed Todd indicated he was interested in having a little “adult playtime” if you catch my drift! Being the kind wife I am, I agreed even though I was exhausted! Of course our little 18 month old co-sleeping fan was in my bed but we figured it would be ok to just scoot him over a bit. But soon into the “playdate” we decided we should move him to his crib, which is in the corner of my bedroom right now. (P.S. He is moving to his own room now that its finally done!) Already out of my clothes I carefully put him in his bed. But as I was doing this I noticed there was a very warm blanket in between the crib and the laundry basket. I was pretty concerned about why it was so warm since obviously in 100 degree weather our heater isn’t on. So I started feeling the blanket and discovered a head was underneath it! Our 7 year old had somehow snuck into the bedroom without us seeing him and was hiding under a blanket in the bedroom! I started to silently panic as I didn’t want him to se my current attire and/or what was going on in the room! I whispered to my husband “Um honey, we are NOT alone!” He was really confused so I said it a few more times before I finally yelled “grab me a blanket!” Of course that woke up the baby and startled both the hiding child and Todd! He screamed, threw me a blanket, and quickly grabbed the seven year old to haul him out of there! He ran back in the room and locked the door but our sweet child started knocking and demanded to know what we were doing. Between his knocking, the baby crying, and the sheer humiliation of the entire situation, lets just say the mood was over!


  1. Natalia A · August 31, 2016

    Thanks for the entertainment! The story was told perfectly! 🙂


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