What’s in a name

I have 3 sons. Like every other child born, we chose names for them based on reasons that were important or sentimental to us. But over the years there has been speculation on where my boys names came from. Mainly because my husband likes to tell them and other people incorrect reasons for their names. So once and for all, as the person who gave birth to these children and ultimately decided on these names, I’m clearing up the questions!

Benson Timothy: Benson is our oldest son. He’s our miracle. He was born after years of tears and prayers. When I found out I was pregnant with him I knew there was a strong little soul in me. He fought to be here as much as we fought to get him here. And he needed the perfect name to go along with that soul. His middle name, Timothy, was easy. I always knew if I ever had a son his middle name would be Timothy after my father. My father was one of the strongest, hard working, most passionate people I’ve ever known. Even if I only knew him for 7 years of my life. But coming up with a first name was harder. Contrary to popular belief, mainly because my husband thinks its funny to tell people, Benson was NOT named after LDS Prophet Ezra Taft Benson. Don’t get me wrong, I loved President Benson. He was a wonderful man and the first Prophet I really remember listening to growing up. But its not why I chose the name. Also I didn’t name him after the town Benson, UT.  I always loved the name Ben. But it seemed like more of a nickname. I was going through a major Law and Order: SVU phase at the time. Well, I’m still going through it! I just love Olivia and the strong woman she is. One night after watching an episode it hit me. Benson! Benson after Olivia Benson. Yes, I named my son after a fictional female detective! But fictional or not, she is so strong and a hero of mine. And Benson fits him. He’s strong willed, tough, determined. Benson was the perfect name for him.

Kaleb Scott: Kaleb is our middle son. He was our surprise baby. After it took us 7 years to get his older brother here, we did not think we had to be careful. If you know what I mean! So Kaleb came 21 months after Benson. Kaleb is quirky, very artistic, and independent. Todd and I went back and forth with the name Kaleb when I was pregnant with Benson. So choosing Kaleb wasn’t easy. The spelling was more of a challenge. But why did we choose to name him Kaleb with a K? Because I’m a jerk! Seriously! I chose to use a K instead of a C because I didn’t want him to have the same initials as my brother. Pregnancy did not bring the kindest person out of me and I was being a jerk! BUT….I do believe now the K fits him. He does not fit a mold so to speak. He is absolutely an individual. So maybe it was divine intervention…..but probably I’m just mean! I really was a raging maniac while pregnant! We chose the middle name Scott for 2 reasons. 1st Scott is Todd’s dad’s middle name. And since Benson is named after my dad it was really only fair! But Scott meant something to me too. When I was in high school Jeremy came into my life. He had already graduated and often helped out with the marching band. We would sing Green Day songs on the way to competitions. When I think of him I still smile. I was so in love with him, I was sure I’d marry him someday! But just a few months after I graduated Jeremy was killed in a car accident. I was devastated. It broke my heart. A few months after Jeremy died I met Todd. The day Todd asked me out for the first time I struggled with saying yes. Not because I didn’t like him, but because my heart was so broken still. But driving home that night mine and Jeremy’s favorite song, Good Riddence, came on the radio. I knew Jeremy was giving me a little nudge. And the rest is history! Jeremy’s middle name was Scott. So giving Kaleb the same middle name is my tribute and thank you to Jeremy. So Scott is a special name!

Micah Andrew: Micah is our rainbow baby. He is our baby we had after breast cancer and 2 miscarriages. And boy is he a firery one with bright red hair to match! I was sure he was my girl and chose the name Molly Kate pretty early on. But when I was about 10 weeks along a friend of mine came by. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness and stops by every once in a while to share a scripture. That day she asked me to a verse out of the book of Micah. The name Micah hit me like a punch in the face! I knew that was our boy name….if it was a boy! A week later I had a dream we had a son and named Micah and when I told Todd about it he loved the name. And obviously he came out a boy! We decided to not continue using family names as middle names. Todd didn’t want to use his first name and I refused to use his middle name. The guy’s middle name is Ferris, can you really blame me? So we decided to just come up with an alternative. When I was just about ready to deliver Kaleb one of my favorite actors, John Dye, passed away. I really admired him. I always dreamed I’d get to meet him someday.  He was a Christian actor, mostly known for his role of Andrew on Touched by an Angel. Can you see where this is going? But we had already chosen Kaleb’s name and I didn’t want to change it. But Andrew just seemed perfect for little Micah. Yet again I named a baby after a fictional TV character. But its a good name and I love it!

There you go folks! Those are the REAL reasons my sons have the names they do. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. It’s on the internet now, so it’s set in stone!

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