American Housewife

There is a new show starting on ABC called American Housewife. I am SO excited for it! The previews are hilarious and it looks so well written. I have 100% confidence that this show is going to be huge! Like bigger than Modern Family huge! And even though I’ve already found a million reasons to fall in love with this show, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 2!




1. I am an American Housewife. I can relate so much with this show already. Not only that, I am a chunky American housewife! My 20s were so good to me. I had a modeling contract and could eat whatever I wanted. My 30s have not been as kind! I look at food and gain weight! It’s just sad! I’ve mastered the laying down to get my jeans zipped up technique! And my children are well…..children. And even more they are boys! They destroy everything in their path, eat me out of house and home, and fight to the death! Seriously, I don’t even come running anymore unless I see blood! I have sat on pee on the toilet seat every single day since my oldest was potty trained. And honestly, I’ve gotten to the point that pee on the toilet seat is welcomed over one of them forgetting to flush! They have colorful language (that they may or may not have picked up from their frazzled mommy), they laugh when they fart, and no matter how many times I bathe them they smell like butt and old cheese! But they’re my whole life. They’re the reason I get out of bed. I’d die for them in a heartbeat. I literally think I’m going to lose my mind all day, but every night when I pray I thank God for them. Its funny how motherhood can do that to you! I’ve dealt with kids toys that talk when nobody touches them, and even scarily when kids decide to sleep walk the night you’re watching paranormal activity alone in the dark! I just recently had a mother of the year moment when I couldn’t figure out why my 16 month old was so irritable….for a whole week…..only to find out he’s got a double ear infection when I finally took him to the doctor. I’ve pulled grimy fruit snacks off my couch and scraped gum off my car window. Each day is full of new adventures, whether they’re wanted or not!  I also face the criticism and judgement of other mothers. Most of it isn’t intentional really. But some of it is. There is the mom here or there that really just wants you to feel bad and will look for any imperfection they can find on you or your kids to destroy any of shred of self confidence you may have. My favorite has always been when they tell me to my face that girls are better than boys. As if I am some lower form of a human being for only birthing boys. They don’t even go after anything I have control over! But what they don’t know (or maybe they do) is that I myself judge me more harshly then they ever could. I’m not as skinny as other moms. I’m not pretty like the other moms. The list goes on and on and on. That’s the sad reality right there. So this show about an imperfect mom with imperfect family living in a seemingly perfect world speaks loud and clear to me.




2. The other reason might already be clear to my closest friends. American Housewife stars the beautiful Katy Mixon. Yes, the same Katy Mixon from Mike and Molly. I LOVE Katy Mixon! (Duh!) The months following my diagnosis of my tumor were some of the most trying months of my life. I was so sick and so scared. I have a great family who helped out so much. But sometimes the long nights were so lonely. I started watching Mike and Molly during those long nights and Katy’s character Victoria became my best friend. As pathetic as that sounds! When I was scared she was there to make me laugh. When I got better all I wanted to do was go to a taping so I could see her in person. And she exceeded every expectation I could have ever had and was so amazing to me. She took pictures with me and took time to really talk to me. Thinking back to that makes me tear up a bit. She really made me feel special. I have not so secretly dreamed ever since that she would want to be my friend. We went to an art show last summer and they had a giant dream catcher that people could write down their dreams and stick in to the dream catcher. Somewhere in the universe right now there is a giant dream catcher with a tiny note shoved in it that simply says “I wish Katy Mixon wanted to be my friend.” I should note whole cast has blown me away with their kindness. I’ve gotten to know another cast member, Reno Wilson, because of the show as well. We bonded over spinning and now every time I’m in LA I have to stop by YAS Silverlake and take a spin class with him and his wife Coco. If you are ever in LA you must try Coco’s spinning class!! I hurt for a week the first time I did it but she is the most incredible spin instructor I have ever taken a class from.  Last time I was there Coco and I had a conversation over tea about how we have to let our kids make decisions  in life, no matter how much we want to tell that what to do forever. I have thought of the conversation so many times since then. They have both been incredibly inviting and accepting of me and I hope they know how much that has meant. But when I found out the show was ending I rushed out to see a taping so I could say goodbye to her. I wanted to give her the necklace I received when I became tumor free to say thank you to her. And someday maybe I’ll be able to forgive the stupid security guard who took it from me and didn’t let me actually talk to her. I can only hope that she even gave her the necklace. ANYWAY…..She is such a genuine, sweet person who’s compassion made such an impact on me. I have not a doubt in my mind that this show is going to make her a household name. She is going to shine and she’s going to be huge. I bet she’ll even be on Ellen next season! If she never wants to know me I hope at least she knows how proud of her I am. And how so happy I am for her and this new adventure. You deserve nothing but success and happiness, Katy!

So there it is folks! Set your DVRs now! Coming soon to a Tuesday evening near your on ABC!




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